Oilers, Calgary restaurant settle spat over bill


All is forgiven in the dispute pitting the Edmonton Oilers against a tony Calgary restaurant.<br />


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CALGARY — All is forgiven in the dispute pitting the Edmonton Oilers against a tony Calgary restaurant.

“I’m happy to report the situation’s been resolved, and I’m to refer all comments back to the Edmonton Oilers,” said Osteria de Medici owner Maurizio Terrigno Saturday.

Terrigno contacted media to complain that the hockey team and guests argued over their New Year’s Eve party bill. The players wined and dined 45 people, and were presented with a final bill of $16,796.39, including tax and tip.

But when staff presented the cheque, the players were surprised at the whopping total for their drinks and asked for an adjustment.

The Oilers group, including team captain Ethan Moreau, tried negotiating a discount and, during a heated exchange, refused to pay entirely at one point, Terrigno said Friday.

In the end, Terrigno says the players left $12,000 — including an $1,888 tip — after the high-end restaurant relented and knocked $6,000 off the bill.

The group of players, wives and girlfriends reserved the restaurant’s private dining room for 8 p.m., after losing to the Calgary Flames 2-1 Thursday night.

Hors d’oeuvres, mineral water and dinner for 45 rang in over $5,000 — before tax and tip.

The rest of the bill was for alcohol. Players and guests downed whipped cream-topped shooters with suggestive names, tequila, vodka, rum, beer, wine and magnums of pricey Dom Perignon champagne.

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