‘That’s your sport’: Bill Cosby praises men’s, women’s gold-hockey games


Canada’s favourite pastime has a big fan in Bill Cosby.<br />


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Canada’s favourite pastime has a big fan in Bill Cosby.

The celebrated comic actor, who is on a standup tour across North America, admitted to being captivated last month by Canada’s gold-medal hockey run at the Vancouver Winter Olympics.

But as for the furor that erupted over the win by the women’s national squad — whose on-ice celebration included cigars, beer and champagne — it was much ado about nothing, according to Cosby.

“I do think, if the Canadian women win a gold medal and nobody’s on the ice and they want to do a satire of men with their victory, they have every right to go out and smoke a cigar,” he said in an interview with the Victoria Times Colonist.

“When guys win the championship of the world in baseball or basketball, they are pouring champagne over each other and lighting cigars in the shower. So what do you want women to do, go out and give birth?”

Cosby, who played football and ran track for his alma mater, Philadelphia’s Temple University, also had good things to say about the men’s gold-medal contest — and one person in particular.

“It was a good match. (When the U.S. side tied it up), I know Canadians must have been saying, ‘Oh, God, here we go.’ And it didn’t happen, thanks to a kid named Sidney Crosby.”

Cosby was in California on business when Sid the Kid scored the winner in a 3-2 victory over the U.S. Later that night, while watching news reports about the game, Cosby said he was saddened by the slant of the coverage.

“I’m watching a guy do the sports, and he said, ‘How can we lose to a country that has fewer people than the state of California?’ He was mad and he couldn’t take it. They don’t know how to behave. That’s your sport.”

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