25 Brian Burke quotes: In his own words


Brian Burke has been ousted as the General Manager. Right or wrong, it's disappointing for anyone that enjoyed his blustery approach to media relations. Burke could always be counted on for a strong quote. Here are 25 of our favourites.

<div id="page1">Toronto Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke.</div>

Toronto Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke.

Photograph by: Richard Wolowicz, Getty Images, Postmedia News

<div id="page1">Toronto Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke.</div>
"No player is untradeable. Wayne Gretzky got traded."
On the US Men's 2010 Olympic team: "If you went to Vegas before this tournament, there isn't going to be a penny bet on us."
"Hockey is a man's game. The team with the most real men wins."
On the Maple Leafs' style: "I don't give a rat's ass what they do in Pittsburgh or Detroit. There's been four different Cup winners the last four years, and I got one of them and it was a fighting team. We're playing it that way regardless."
On negotiations with Pavel Bure: "We're not going to kiss anyone's butt to play here."
On a playoff series between the Canucks and Red Wings: "I want to point out to the officials that Todd Bertuzzi does not play for Detroit, it just looks like that because he's wearing two or three Red Wings sweaters all the time."
"Sedin is not Swedish for punch me, or headlock me in a scrum."
On shootouts: "To me, it would be the same thing as if the National Football League decided its games by having guys throw footballs through a tire."
On Alex Auld: "There is no way Alex Auld was going to be on this team this year, unless he flew to France during the summer and bathed in the holy waters at Lourdes."
On league economics: "Curbing my comments so I don't get fined... if we're going to have asinine, insane, inflationary signings, then it seems to me fine that most of them have been in the East so far."
On the Leafs' cap situation after the Phaneuf trade: "Like a new pair of underwear. A little tight but it will still work."
After acquiring Brad May: "Brad May is tougher than a night in prison."
On why he was speaking to a fan in a Canadiens jersey: "I felt sorry for him. He looked a little slow."
"Sorry is not something you get to say. Sorry is what you become."
"If you'd have said to me in Vancouver, 'You can win a Stanley Cup but you can never do an interview and you can't be in the parade' I'd say, 'Where do I sign?' My ego's a lot smaller than people think."
"I'm not interested in adding names. I'm interested in adding hockey players."
"Championship is the goal. Not to get in the 8th spot and get your ass kicked."
"The deals trhat have been put in front of me haven't been worth spending a lot of time on. They've been short, profanity-laced conversations."
On being asked if the Canucks were interested in acquiring Sergei Fedorov to play with his brother Fedor: "Why would we be interested in acquiring Fedorov? We already have one Fedorov too many."
"The very fact that Al Strachan reported it, in my opinion, makes it extremely likely it has no factual basis whatsoever."
On trade talks: ""They're very short conversations. If anybody doesn't know how to swear they should sit in on one of these conversations because they'd know in a hurry."
After Brendan Morrison's arbitration, which was reportedly very nasty: "After inviting us into the alley, you can't complain if you get kicked in the groin."
On the 2002 trade deadline: "Right now, there are so few teams selling and so many buying. It's like the Discovery Channel. Seventy-five vultures in a tree waiting for one zebra to die. I'm not sure we're going to be able to make a deal."
"I don't have a use for the Vancouver Province because both my dogs are house broken."
"Hockey isn&#8217;t a game in Canada: it&#8217;s a religion."
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