Sound Off! on Oil Change


Comment on Oil Change, The Journal's six-day series on the sale of the Edmonton Oilers.<br>

The most debated, the most public and the most controversial business deal in Edmonton's recent history is about to come to a close.

On July 1, Daryl Katz will take over as the single owner of the Edmonton Oilers, replacing the 34 partners of the Edmonton Investors Group.

In a six-day series, award-winning reporter David Staples explores the rise and fall of the EIG. Through a series of exclusive interviews with Oilers insiders, the Edmonton Journal will take you inside the EIG boardroom, and reveal the strengths that made the EIG so successful and the divisions that tore it apart.

June 27: The Impossible Dream

June 28: The Fishing Expedition

June 29: The Contract Fiasco

June 30: The Divorce

July 1: The Last Stand

July 2: The Counter-offensive

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