Cam Cole: NHL fans, players beg to differ with their bouquets and brickbats

As we all know, hockey fans are rational human beings, fair-minded to a fault, and able to see the big picture without petty provincialism. National Hockey League players, similarly, are all about the...


Bulls and Bears: Canada loses at soccer but wins with crowds

Sorting out the major winners and losers of this week — with a bottom-line twist — in the world of sports.


Cam Cole: Sens' fans feel slighted by Doughty's dominance over Karlsson in poll

A comment made in a tongue-in-cheek column accompanying the recent Postmedia hockey poll of players and readers — that I would take Drew Doughty’s 200-foot game over Erik Karlsson’s &#...




Kuzma: A change of scenery should suit...

The dark cloud that has been hovering over Linden Vey for years may have a silver lining. The Vancouver Canucks didn’t tender the restricted free agent a qualifying offer by the Monday deadline and in a hockey sense, that’s not great news for any player...






The elusive Luongo-Bozak trade

On the most basic level, the melodrama over Roberto Luongo and the trade that dare not speak its name comes down to a simple matter. The Vancouver Canucks have to fill their gaping hole at centre ice, ...


Rick Rypien's story far from over as Hockey Talks is launched

It's hard to think of this as a beautiful story or a story with a happy ending.


NHL players' nice-guy approach falling short

The first and essentially only sign of impatience from NHL players in the process of being milked of their cash by NHL owners came in Calgary this week when the Flames players decided not to participate...


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