Now you can decide how you want your Faceoff to appear each day. Want to have Edmonton Oilers content appearing at the top of the page? No problem. Want to have a tab dedicated to the Toronto Maple Leafs? No problem. Want to have stories from displayed on Faceoff? No problem!


[personalize] You can re-organize your home page by changing the location of the different feeds very easily.

To change the location of a feed, simply move your mouse above the label of the feed. It will automatically turn into a directional arrow or hand. Then just click to grab the feed and drag it to a new location on the page. Faceoff will automatically display the areas you can drag your feeds into with red dotted boxes.

Feel free to move as many feeds around as you wish. Faceoff will remember the order next time you visit the site.

To revert the home page to its initial state, click the "Revert Home Page" link in the upper right-hand corner. It's a good idea to revert your home page regularly, in case Faceoff adds new feeds for you to modify.


[personalize] To add an external feed like or to your Faceoff page, click the "Add Content" link in the upper right-hand corner. This will open a window.

In the "Select Source" column, choose "Third-Party Feeds."

Choose the feeds you wish to add to your Faceoff home page.

For each source, we have pre-selected the Hockey feed. Simply click the checkbox in the "Select Topics" area and click the "+Add" button and the feed will automatically appear at the bottom of your Faceoff page. To move the feed to another spot on the page, follow the "Moving Feeds" instructions above.

If you know of another feed we should consider adding to the list, send it to us. Only portable RSS hockey feeds will be considered.


To change the appearance of a feed displayed on your Faceoff page, click the "Edit" box next to the feed. Here you can change the title of the feed and how it appears.

To remove a feed, simple click on the "X" box next to the feed. If you've removed a feed and you want to get it back, click on the "Revert Home Page" link to reset your page.


[personalize] Now you can view all the stories and columns from each Canadian team city by creating tabs on Faceoff.

To create a tab, click the "Add Content" link. This will open a window.

In the "Select Source" column, make sure the "Content Tabs" option is selected.

In the "Select Content" column, choose the city for which you would like to create a tab and click the "+Add" button.

The city of your choice will now appear as a tab beside "My Faceoff." To view the content, simply click on the tab.

Note: only two or three tabs will appear in the area. If you have created more than two tabs, click the blue arrow near the "Add Content" link to view other tabs.


To Edit a tab, simply click on the tab you wish to edit. The tab will turn into a text field in which you can change the name of the tab. To save the change, hit the Enter or Return key on your keyboard.

You can change the order of content appearing in a tab just as you might change the order of feeds on the Faceoff home page. Read the "Moving Feeds" section above.

To remove a tab, click on the tab you wish to remove, and click the "X" that appears to the right of the text field.


If Faceoff fails to remember your settings, you may not have your browser set to accept cookies.


Don't be. Send us an e-mail and maybe we'll be able to help you out.